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Wilkinson Transport Engineers Cambridge for W&I

posted 1 Mar 2013, 18:39 by wayne vessey
" Wayne has done a fantastic job, not only explaining the theory, but able to demonstrate the skill as well to a high standard. I think this is a very good initiative to bring new people up to speed quickly and thoroughly".

Peter (Owner)


" This training experience has been a very big learning curve for me. I have improved my welding and cutting by alot. The things I have learnt are life lessons on engineering. Wayne was very clear and a positive instuctor I understood everything and if I didn't he went over it until I did. I would recommend this course to someone wanting to learn or becoming an apprentice. This course is very good for me. I have come out of this with alot of knowledge. All I can say is thankyou for the time and learning".

Nathan (Trainee)


" For the time I have been in training I have learnt lots of various skills and techniques to doing things. Everything I picked up over the time will be very useful to me later on in the workshop. I am very thankful for all your knowledge you have passed on to me and you made it really easy to pick up. Thanks heaps".

Jackson (Trainee)