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Waikato Steel Fabricators Ltd for W&I

posted 1 Mar 2013, 17:02 by wayne vessey
"The service that Wayne provides is extrordinary. After a short time we had two men that we can put in our workshop and who can be productive.As an employer in this current market taking a man out of production to give this level of training would not be possible. I look forward to employing more staff through this scheme and having Wayne to train them".

Darryn  (Director)


" I believe that having one on one training benefits both the boys, would recommend".

Cameron (Manager)


"To whom it may concern. The training our work experience guys have been receiving from Wayne Vessey has been thorough and detailed given that the time Wayne has been teaching them.It has given these guys a great insight as for what is ahead of them. It also helps us as to what level we can start these guys on a full time bassis".

Bill (Workshop Foreman)


"I have learnt alot from this short period of time, getting trained from Wayne. Then the six months I have been at Wintec. I have improved alot on my technique on welding as he was there demonstrating and pointing out what I was doing wrong, so I can improve and do it right the next time".

Vaai (Trainee)


"Very insightful and a big learning curve, the tutor (Wayne) created a relaxed learning style whilst pushing high standards,and passing on vital information. Overall the training didn't need any adjusting and was quite straight forward".

Sean (Trainee)