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Te Awamutu College.

posted 23 Feb 2013, 22:07 by wayne vessey
"Excellent value, I went from unable to Tig weld to a reasonable standard for school use in 4 hours".

"Very helpful with maintenance tips for our equipment and solved some long standing issues with settings".

Enjoyed the day

Thankyou Alistair HOD


"-To the point.
 -Focused learning.
 -Directed to needs of learner.
 -Broad knowledge base.
 -Debunks the sales talk in favor of reality.
 -Useful well worth it.
 -Best PD day I have had as far as actual useful knowledge / skills.
 -Excellent option for tech teachers PD".



"Excellent instructions on issues we had with our gear, sorted reasons for our shortcoming".

"Improved our techniques no end, worked to our pace, looked at any issues we had and worked through them".

"Thankyou for a very informative and helpful course".