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R.E.S. Engineering for W & I

posted 13 Sept 2013, 17:14 by wayne vessey
" I was approached about this course for training staff. Now I have had Wayne in I believe it is the best training course for my industry on the job in our enviroment by a good training supervisor. My staff are sold on this idea and respond to the training in a very positive way".

"Well done".

Wayne ( Owner)


"I have learnt an excellent amount of theory as well as practical. I now know why I am doing a procedure a certain way. My welding has improved 10 fold from this training. Very happy to have done this. Thankyou very much would do more training if I could".

Robert ( Trainee)


" Over the short amount of time Wayne has been here, I have learnt alot then what I have been taught in other places (e.g polytec.) He's broken it down, explained it in a way where its straight to the point but easy to understand, and I believe it will take me an extra long way with what he has given me".


Sitino ( Trainee)