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Onehunga High School

posted 13 Oct 2013, 20:43 by wayne vessey   [ updated 13 Oct 2013, 21:48 ]
"Todays TIG course has been the best PD this year (and it's now October). The theory was detailed without being to long or to much. All practical demonstrations were done well with clear instructions as to what was happening through out + all the potential problems fixetd if needed communications and observations done on us were clear and presice.
All in all a fantastic day and the whole department were happy with the results gained in one day".
Thanks Heap's.

Robin (HOD)


"This was my first go at TIG welding and I was abit nervous.
Wayne our instructor was superb, he covered the theory behind the TIG welding exceptionally well, for a first timer like me I learnt alot, when it came to the practical bit he was very positive, guided me well and also provided feedback on my work, I did improve but I guess practice makes you better.
Wayne was a friendly person with huge knowledge around welding and I absolutely loved his teaching, definitely this has added a new dimension and learning skill for me to ponder upon in the future".
Thanks Wayne.

Rohitesh (Tech Teacher)


"Excellent as usual, the theory was enough to get us started without overwhelming us.
The practical assistance was also very helpful, Wayne is able to watch as we weld and point out the technigue changes we need to do to improve our welding results".

Brilliant day, thanks again Wayne.

Doug (Tech Teacher)


I have learnt lots about TIG welding, helpfull advice given in an easy to understand way.
Excellent advice during and post welding welding to improve future welds along with an understanding on our changing factors affects welding".

An excellent day.

Cliff (Tech Teacher)