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NDA Engineering Hamilton for W&I

posted 1 Mar 2013, 17:41 by wayne vessey
" Training provided has allowed NDA to employ individuals with lower skill levels in welding that we may not have considered for rolls in the past due to cost associated with on the job training. Will look at using this service in future for new apprentices and semi skilled employees".

Matthew (workshop Manager)


" I found the training very successful in a way were I am definately a more confident welder. I have learnt quality skills in tig, mig and stick welding that will help me towards a bright future at NDA. I felt the teaching method was done well and the information will stay with me. The trainer Wayne was easy to work with and gets along with everybody, making the training time enjoyable".

Reece ( Trainee)


" Very informative, teacher was very knowledgeable on the subject, not just from a teaching perspective but also personal experience".

Tim (Trainee)