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NDA Engineering Hamilton for W&I

posted 1 Mar 2013, 00:01 by wayne vessey
"NDA Engineering have found the training offered by Wayne @ Trade Train NZ to be relevant and inline with our requirement to train young or semi skilled potential employee to a standard that makes them useful in our industry".

Cliff (General Manager)


"The training Wayne has given these guys has been very beneficial to getting them to a standard, that enables us to get them working productively within a short period of time. As we struggle to have proper one on one tutoring onsite, the few days Wayne has given them gets these guys a few months ahead in skill base where by to get them to this level without extra training takes a great longer. Very pleased with the results".

Steven (Team Leader)


"Many thanks to Wayne, have really enjoyed the experience he has given us. I know alot more techniques to produce good quality work, such as stances and basic relaxation of the body. Once again thanks Wayne, an awesome tutor to have in this industry. Cheers.".

Scott (Trainee)


"Wayne has been an excellent teacher.I have learnt alot in the time he had with us. This has most deffinately been worth while doing. Alot of great skills learnt".

Kevin (Trainee)


"Training from Wayne has been easy to understand, and shown the theory and practical in different aspecs of welding has been great. I have learnt new forms of welding with tig, dual tig and different positions which has improved my overall skill base. Great guy to learn from".

Mark (Trainee)