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Longveld Ltd for W&I

posted 2 Jul 2017, 18:23 by wayne vessey
"My training was very informative and at a pace that I could fully absorb all of the information I had to cover. The hands on side was laid out in an easy to understand format and any questions or mistakes I had were answered and shown the correct way, right away. The booklets were easy to follow and clearly show processes, steps and any relevant safety information. I was allowed to work at my own pace and felt confident thoughout".

Joshua (Trainee)


"Training was all good, I learnt the stuff I needed too and it was nice and simple".



"The training Wayne has provided me was very handy, made it very easy to understand how to polish. Wayne takes time out of his own to teach you everything. Very good".

Te Rangi (Trainee)


"Longveld has alot of confidence in Wayne's level of teaching.Wayne understands Longveld and prepares the indiviuals accordingly. Wayne always communicates with us on the progress daily. Longveld would be happy to use Trade train services again, not only through W&I but as a trainer for our existing employee's".

Susan ( HR Manager)