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Longveld LTD for W&I

posted 18 Feb 2015, 18:33 by wayne vessey   [ updated 18 Feb 2015, 18:34 ]
"Longveld as always has benefited from having Wayne on site. He has spent very quality time with Zoe and during his time here he has always communicated with detail on what he proposes to achieve and how he proposes to achieve this. Wayne understands Longvelds ways and procedures so his training and presence is always welcomed."

Susan (HR Manager)


"Over the last 3 days with Wayne I have enjoyed the training he has given me. I have gained and learned quite a bit of experience and skill and also different techniques in using different welds. This will help me out in my upcoming position at Longveld engineering. I have been taught more about how to deal and behave with stainless steel and how to manage things to get your work perfect. I have stepped up myself to take a hold of the experience as this opportunity has helped me ever since I started training from day 1."

Zoe (Trainee)