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Hansa Chippers

posted 24 Jul 2014, 16:36 by wayne vessey
Discuss better equipment after training not in front of team where possible.


Toby (Design & Systems Engineer)


"I thought that the training went really well, it gave an in depth description suitable for the work at hand and how to improve on it. There's nothing worst than thinking your doing something and continually doing it unaware that your doing itincorrectly but it's even better if you can be shown how to do it correctly and even improve, I feel more confident in the work that I do now with what was presented and the thing's I have learnt with this training I can carry that on with me to become better for me and the company with this good guidance".

Dallas (Trainee)


"I thought Wayne was a great teacher, comprehensivly walking our small group through the process of achieving a sound weld".
"Showing a true intrest in the industry as having the experience to come at a angle that helped us understand and having the pratical element really helped me understand a lot more".
"Very kind, funny guy and I wish him all the best for the future".


Ethan (Trainee)


"It was a good training session I know a lot more about welding now, I got to fix some of my mistakes I was doing and feel more confident now".

Chris (Trainee)