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Fulton Hogan for W&I

posted 18 Feb 2015, 19:53 by wayne vessey
"The training given to the 2 guys I have taken on is valuable. It's the basics of engineering knowledge needed to get these boys careers on the right path. The training given to these guys now, I would have expected them to know already as they have come out of pre trade, but as we found out, this is not the case. To be given hands on training on specific subjects that is appropriate for their daily use.
 This is training that I don't have to do which can tie up one of my tradesmen.
 There is good communication between trainer & myself so i appreciate knowing what the boys are learning& having some input."

Most valuable and appreciated.

Chook (Manager)


"This training was helpful to me. I have learnt how to do proper welding & how to set up the welding machine for specific tasks given. I have learnt how to use measuring tools properly & to check if it's accurate."

Ashutesh (Trainee)


"The training I received was helpful to me, it helped me to improve my welding skills and measurement skills. I have learnt more about the safety side of welding that I was not aware of before and learnt how I can maintain the welding machinery. So this training has improved my knowledge in that sense as well."

Te Whaingarda (Trainee)