Industry Welding Training | Trade Train NZ

Why Use Us!

Be assured that when we come into your business what you do in your business is your business and nobody else's.

We will come to you when ever where ever and work with your trade teachers or industry staff, maximising their practical abilities and giving them more confidence in what they do.
The training is tailored to your needs and can also include testing, so making it fast and giving you excellent value for money, also by using the information gained about techniques and the most cost effective consumables to use, the training usually pays for it's self very soon after.
Trade Train NZ is totally independant, therefore not connected with other training establishments or businesses supplying them.

Our Experience Shows!

We have extensive experience working in all aspects of metal working and woodworking.
Our experience also includes the instruction of factory workers as well as teaching apprentices at polytechnic.
Additionally we have been able to be assitance to trade staff in secondary schools.
What Competenz say;
This trade teacher training model is highly recommended by (Tools4Work), "assisting teachers will improve student standards necessary to meet present industry standards" says Brian Lane National Moderator Schools (Competenz).